Solo Exhibitions 

2019 Leg Up, SFA Projects, New York, NY 

2018 Stepping on the King, Amos Eno Gallery, Brooklyn NY 

2016 Blood Moon, Amos Eno Gallery, Brooklyn NY 

2014 Thoth, MFA Thesis Show, Steuben Gallery, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY

Two Person Exhibitions 

2020 It's Complicated, Spring/Break Art Show, Los Angeles, CA (two-person show with Natasha Wright that was curated by Tara De La Garza) 

Selected Group Exhibitions

2020 Domestic Brutes, Pelham Art Center, Pelham, NY 

2019 Limbic Songs, Real Eyes, Adams, Massachusetts 

2019 Tides and Currents, SFA Projects,New York, NY

2018 Subversive, Friday Studio Gallery, Brooklyn NY

2018 Space to Present, (curated by Chashama), Spring/Break Art Show, New York, NY

2018 Unique to Nature, Amos Eno Gallery, Brooklyn NY 

2017 Chromacide, Amos Eno Gallery, Brooklyn NY 

2017 Shapes to Come, Mikhail Zakin Gallery (curated by Mary Gagler), Demersat, NJ

2016 Making the Future (curated by Julie Torres and Michael David), David & Schweitzer Contemporary, Brooklyn, NY 

2016 Fiction/Fact/Fantasy (curated by Caroline Taylor) Steuben Gallery, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY 

2016 Paper Fete, Amos Eno Gallery, Brooklyn NY

2016 Summer Show, Kunstraum (curated by Dashiell Jordan), Brooklyn NY

2016 Peace Among Savages, Amos Eno Gallery, Brooklyn NY

2016 Strangely Enough, Amos Eno Gallery, Brooklyn NY 

2014 23rd Annual Juried Show, Bowery Gallery (curated by David Cohen), New York, NY 

2014 Girl on Fire, The Bishop Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2014 Courage and Creativity, LeRoy Neiman Art Center, New York, NY
2014 Women's Work, LeRoy Neiman Art Center, New York, NY
2014 Drawings for the People, Steuben Gallery, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY
2014 MFA Fine Art Summer Invitational, Schafler Gallery, Pratt Insitute, Brooklyn, NY
MFA, Painting & Drawing (Graduated with Distinction), Pratt Institute
BA, Miami University
2014 Pratt Circle Award
2012-2014 Merit Scholarship, Pratt Institute
2013 Graduate Symposium, selected by Karen Wilkin
2013 Graduate Symposium, selected by Alexi Worth
2017-Present Chashama, Studio Residency at the Brooklyn Army Terminal, Brooklyn, NY (Studio B-39)
Artist Talks
2019 Trans-Cen-Der, Temporary Storage Gallery,  Brooklyn, NY
2018 SFA Projects, Brooklyn, NY
2018 Amos Eno Gallery,  Brooklyn, NY
2017 Trans-Cen-Der, Temporary Storage Gallery,  Brooklyn, NY
2015 BACG, Brooklyn Fire Proof Art Gallery,  Brooklyn, NY
2014 LeRoy Neiman Art Center, New York, NY
2020 Art Spiel. "Nancy Elsamanoudi in Dometic Brute at Pelham Art Center'" Etty Yaniv (image reproduced)
2020 Lohud. "Pelham exhibit 'a realistic picture of what it means to be a woman today'" Michelle Falkenstein (image reproduced)
2019 Arcade Project Zine. "Nancy Elsamanoudi’s Surreal Feminism Hits its Stride in “Leg Up" Audra Lambert (image reproduced) 
2019 Bomb Magazine. "Studio Visit: Nancy Elsamanoudi," Naomi Falk (image reproduced) 
2018 Harper's Bazaar, "The Best Female Art Exhibitions to See This Fall" (image reproduced) 
2018 artcritical, "A Space for Humor and Awkwardness: Nancy Elsamanoudi discusses her work with Natasha Wright," Natasha Wright (image reproduced)
2018 artcritical, List featured work "Artist Talk: Natasha Wright in Conversation with Nancy Elsamanoudi at Amos Eno," David Cohen. (image reproduced)
2018 Art Speil "Cheat Sheet-BOS 2018," Sharilyn Niedhart
2018 Two Coats of Paint, "Two Coats of Paint Selected Gallery Guide/September 2018 
2018 Structure and Imagery, "Four to See in September," (image reproduced) 
2018 Nature Studies, "Paintings by Nancy Elsamanoudi,"  Sarah Valeri (image reproduced) 
2018 artcritical, Week at a Glance-featured daily item on March 7th, (image reproduced) 
2016 Let Them Talk with Paul DeRienzo on MNN, Nancy Elsamanoudi: Visual Artist.
2016 Bushwick Daily, "With These Art Shows, You Should Dare to Look" Katie Killary (image reproduced) 
2015 artcritical, "Bushwick Means Business: Open Studios Weekend, June 5 to 7" (image reproduced) 
2014 Amsterdam News, Review of “Women’s Work” Lapacazo Sandoval
Private Collection